Singapore Garden Festival Part 4 : Borneo Exotics Booth

July 29, 2008 at 8:19 am | Posted in books, exhibitions and events, nepenthes | Leave a comment

Together with the orchid show in Hall 401 is a range of stalls set up by nurseries and plant growers from both local and overseas. Having been overwhelmed by the magnificent display of Nepenthes by Rob and Diana, I quickly made my way to Borneo Exotics’ Booth on level 4. The booth was still in midst of being set up on the first day. Apart from a range of lowland and intermediate species and hybrids on sale, there were two interesting finds at the booth.

Firstly, a new edition to “Pitcher Plants of Borneo” by Lamb and Phillippe with new contributions from Ch’ien Lee.

 Some random pictures taken from the book.



 Second interesting find is the exquisite Nepenthes prints done by Mr Wiliam Richard Taylor, who’s currently based in Kuching. The details on each one of them is amazing. Heard from Rob the prints were all drawn based on live specimens and not through photographs. Taylor had spent a considerable amount of time doing up these beautiful art pieces in situ at Rob’s facilities in Sri Lanka. Absolutely stunning work.


















Several interesting hybrids are avaiable at the booth, the most anticipated of course, was N. xGardenTech, which is a N. ventricosa x ampullaria  . This is the intensity of one of the larger plants on sale.


And this is one of the S-sized plants available. Cute lil’ fella!

















to be continued….


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