My Crypt Collection

Managed to clean up and sort out my crypt collection and here’s the updated list (Jul 2008 )

I’ll also be drafting a list of species available for exchange on another page. so “Akan Datang”!


C. affinis “Selangor”

C. affinis “Baling Kedah”

C. affinis “Kelantan”


C. albida “Oriental”


C. sp. “Batang Ai”


C. beckettii (tissue cultivar)


C. bullosa “Sungei Sibrik”

C. bullosa ” Sungei Bintangor”

C. bullosa “Sungei Balong”


C. ciliata “latifolious”


C. ciliata “Irian Jaya”

C. ciliata “Kalimantan”

C. ciliata “Sumatra”

C. ciliata “Nibong Tebal”

C. ciliata (tissue cultivar)


C. cordata var. cordata “Kota Tinggi”

C. cordata var. zonata

C. cordata var. zonata “kasangan brown”

C. cordata var. gabrowskii

C. cordata “Rosenuvig”

C. cordata var. “Blassii”

C. cf. cordata “Panti”

C. cf. cordata “Gunung Arong”


C. coronata #1

C. coronata #2


C. crispatula var. balansae (unknown source)

C. cf. crispatula “buon ma thuot”


C. elliptica “Kulim”


C. ferruginea “Bau”

C. ferruginea “Balai Ringin”

C. ferruginea “Sungei Kerait”

C. ferruginea “Sanggau”

C. ferruginea “Bayur”


C. cf. fusca “Kampung Marup”


C. griffithii “Thomson Singapore”

C. griffithii “Nee Soon Swamp Singapore”

C. griffithii “Panti”

C. cf. griffithii “Krabi”

C. cf. griffithii “Mersing”


C. hudoroi “Banjarmasin”


C. ideii (Idei B-10A, Kuala Kuayan, Kalimantan Tengah)

C. cf. ideii (Idei A-09, Muara Teweh, Kalimantan Tengah)


C. keei “Jambusan”


C. sp. “Kota Tinggi”


C. lingua “Oriental”


C. longicauda “Lachau”

C. longicauda “Pantu”

C. cf. longicauda “Betong”


C. minima “Pondok Tanjung”

C. minima “Tanjung Malim”

C. minima “Bukit Merah”

C. minima “Kota Damansara”

C. cf. minima “Sungei Pelan Riau Sumatra”


C. moehlmannii


C. noritoi (SE of Tanjung Redeb Idei TR-01)


C. nurii “Central Pahang”

C. nurii ” Sungei Kahang”

C. nurii “Mersing”


C. pallidinervia (from Kai Witte)


C. parva (tissue cultivar)


C. pontederiifolia “Thomson Singapore”

C. pontederiifolia “Barus, NW Sumatra”

C. pontederiifolia “Aceh, N Sumatra”

C. pontederiifolia “Sumatra Selatan”


C. pygmaea (tissue cultivar?)


C. schulzei “Panti”


C. cf. scurrilis “Pijoan, Jambi”


C. striolata “Maradong green”

C. striolata “Maradong red”

C. striolata “Sungei Mandor”

C. striolata “Sungei Stoum”


C. thwaitesii “Debarawewa”

C. thwaitesii “Yala”

C. thwaitesii “1998”


C. uenoi “Sungei Sabal Kruin”


C. undulata “Red” (tissue cultivar)


C. usteriana “large red Gula”

C. usteriana (tissue cultivar)


C. cf. versteegii “Irian Jaya”


C. vietnamensis “Da Nang”


C. sp. Vietnam (C. vietnamensis?)


C. walkeri (tissue cultivar)


C. wendtii “Green” (tissue cultivar)

C. wendtii “Mi Oya” (tissue cultivar)

C. wendtii “Broad leaf” (tissue cultivar)

C. wendtii “Green Gecko”


C. xpurpurea  “Lundu”


C. xtimahensis


C. yujii “Sibu”


C. zaidiana


Other aquatic aroids

Lagenandra sp. 1

Lagenandra sp. 2

Lagenandra cf. meeboldii


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