Singapore Garden Festival Part 2 – Orchids Show (1) : Bulbs & Slippers

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The other much anticipated component of SGF 2008 is of course the orchid show. This years Orchid show and competition is held separately in Hall 401. Below are some random shots of orchids being showcased during the competition and exhibition

First the Bulbophyllum. Not a genus which I’m particularly fond of, so not many pictures.

 Next the slippers orchids of paphs and phrags. Mostly hybrids

Firstly, a Phragmipedium hybrid. Think it won something.

A cross within the Polyantha subtribe…. I like 🙂 Reminds me of Paph. “Sander’s Pride” which is essentially P. sanderianum x P. stonei. 

 Then there’s Paph. “dollgoldii” the infamous hybrid between Paph. armeniacum and Paph. rothschildianum.

Some alba forms of Paph. “maudiae” from P. callosum and P. lawrenceanum. Though the one in the second picture reminds me of P. sangii‘s downward drooping petals.



The next two of hybrids made across various tribes. Not to my liking.


This is a multi-floral hybrid that has P. hangianum influence in it.

And the famous P. “Magic Lantern” which is P. delenatii with P. micranthum. And that’s P. emersonii in the right background I think. Wonder how it’s going to survive in our weather.

 One of the very few species I saw at the show, P. liemanum

to be continued….

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